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The leading innovation in systems with magnetic accessories. The new design of the compact system adds functionality to perfection, with solutions that have been incorporated with rigorous aesthetics, creating a system completely integrated into the design.

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System features

Magnetic breakaway system

Integrated BA mechanism
Complies with the UNE EN 13120 standard on child safety.
BA resetting. Extremely simple system thanks to a self-positioned coupling.
Hook tape integrated into the mechanism cover.
Universal application. Ceiling, Wall and Wall-to-Wall.
BA with no visible screws. Easy chain ring replacement.
System certified by independent laboratory. Applus.
1:1 mechanism. 3.5 kg / 1:4 mechanism. 7.5 kg

Magnetic support

Its powerful magnet helps to secure the track to the ceiling and wall for fixing.
Enables a single operator to install curtains of up to 4 m.
Improves functionality when mounting and removing the mechanism.
Self-centring of more than 1 cm to compensate for installation tolerances.


Semi-open profile to allow for easy system manipulation.
All components built into the profile without visible screws.
Internal components with transparent unified finish.
Robust, high quality profile.
Weight 413 g/m. Aluminium alloy 6063 T5. Dimensions 36 x 38 mm
Aligned hook tape with the same shape as the profile.


Clip support / Universal support / Clamp support / Wall support 8.5 – 13.5 cm.
Clip support with tab making manual mechanism installation and uninstallation easier.

Cord drop cone

Easy cord installation and replacement.
Incorporation of rings to make fabric removal and fitting easier (washing).
Aligned clip system to make cord fitting easier.
Easy system for fixing the cord cone to the profile.
Conical cone allowing for smooth, efficient system operation.
Cord drop up to 3.4 metres.

Motorized system

Motor drive available for AT500 blind system in Moving Murtra motorized collection

Technical details

Max. curtain weight: 7.5 kg
Max. curtain width: 3 m
Colour: White


Curves: –

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