Very quiet system.
Built-in, long-lasting, easy-charge lithium battery.
WiFi access by means of a quick and easy connection device.
Adaptable to existing chain curtains.
Easy limit setting (up / down).
System that optimizes the space between supports and fabric.

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Technical data sheet

  • Motor dimensions  Ø25 x 420 mm
  • Strength 1,1 Nm
  • Speed 30 rpm
  • Load capacity 4 kg
  • Noise <30 dB
  • Power supply 5V DC

  • Power 10 W
  • Radio frecuency FSK 868 MHz
  • Working temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
  • Battery 2.200 mA
  • Remote control 6 channels
  • Wifi Alexa, Google Home…

Technical details

Max. curtain weight: 4 kg
Max. curtain width: 2.4 m.
Colour: White, grey and beig


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