The purpose of the “Occupational Health and Safety Policy” is to ensure the health and safety of our workers by providing a safe and healthy working environment and adopting the necessary measures to avoid accidents and/or illnesses arising from the carrying out of work.

To achieve this purpose, Industrias Murtra assumes and promotes the following basic principles that must govern all its activities:

  • The quality, productivity and profitability of its activities are as important as the health and safety of its workers.
  • Worker safety must always prevail. All accidents must be avoided, by allocating the necessary resources, pursuing the target of “0” accidents.
  • Managing the risks deriving from its activity in each of the company’s areas.
  • Implementing a management system that enables identification and prevention of risks
  • Providing workers with effective occupational health and safety protection
  • Matching between the employee and their work post through health monitoring and training of workers.
  • Training and ongoing qualification of employees to involve each worker and to make them aware of the impact of their work on safety, processes and facilities.
  • Encouraging participation of all workers, demonstrating full awareness and collaboration
  • Collaborating with suppliers and contractors, ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations on Occupational Risk Prevention.