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Technical and industrial know-how applied to household products, expressed in their ability to adapt to today´s world in their aesthetics, use and durability.

Onda Surf
Challenge is the engine of innovation, and in the case of the challenge was clear in the Onda Surf project. Overcoming handicaps in making Perfect Onda curtains from the traditional system of cord slides and providing extra quality, efficiency and performance. The innovation consists of rethinking the product in terms both of design and the way of producing it. This path leads us to find a manufacturing system that gives the customer greater flexibility (variable fullness) and a product patent that shows its innovative nature.

For further information VIDEO SURF

Magnetic Solutions
Disruptive solutions that go beyond offering a different product to seek an approach the user, offering them a safe, comfortable product. Both the magnetic Breakaway system and the magnetic bracket of the AT500 compact blinds result from the desire to offer more than the customer expects. By intelligently applying a material with surprising properties, we generate a magical product of great value.

For further information VIDEO AT500

Smart Living
The Moving Murtra Motorized catalogue contains the collection of versatile motors that can be adapted every need, which combined with Murtra aluminium track systems provide a full range of efficient and powerful motorized systems to offer our customers the best guarantee on the market.

Connectivity is no longer a limitation with the multiple direct cabled, radio frequency or Wi-Fi options for integration with the smart speakers on the market (Amazon Alexa, Google Home…).

The large capacity for powering blind, traditional curtain, roller blind and Japanese panel blind systems offers a complete solution adaptable to every environment our customers could need.

A range of thermal bonding tapes for easy application and optimal results.

The adhesive based on a formulation designed to be activated and reactivated by application of heat lies at the core of this versatile product.

It replaces the traditional sewing machine stitching method, meaning any user can achieve great results.

For further information, see the Decoration tape product section.

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