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Industrias Murtra, S.A. offers a full range of high quality curtain tapes with multiple finishes and workroom accessories. Solutions for traditional curtains with technical tracks or decorative rods, Perfect Onda curtains and Roman blinds. The range of tapes offers the market various possibilities, pleating tapes, stiffening tapes, Yo-Yo for roman blinds, Sabidecor for rods with eyelets and Thermotape without the need to sew, and incorporates unique innovations on the market, such as the new Onda SURF, a novelty for Perfect Onda curtains. For Contract Projects, it offers flame retardant finishes in accordance with European standards. It also has multiple components for curtain making, such as Tapcro fastening tapes, curtain hooks, rings, hooks and eyes, cords, lead-weighted tapes or Fliselina, necessary for any quality preparation. In short, Industrias Murtra offers you an extensive range of tapes and accessories for curtain making for the Home.

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Tape certified to OEKO-TEX standard 100 class 1

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Industrias Murtra offers a full range of accessories for tailor-making Perfect Onda curtains, which are the latest trend in conventional curtains. The ONDA product range consists of a full selection of top quality components providing smooth curves, with perfect, elegant spacing, favouring a modern ambience in any room. Industrias Murtra’s ONDA range includes Premium quality transparent stiffening curtain tape in 100% Polyester, with continuous symmetrical pockets. ONDA SURF is Industrias Murtra’s latest addition. This patented system is the only one of its type on the market and offers unique features. ONDA SURF tape is available in white, black and grey for a perfect matching with the chosen curtain track. You can also find all the components you need to make curtains with a smooth, high-quality Perfect Onda effect.
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Industrias Murtra offers a full range of automatic curtain making pleating tapes for traditional curtains. In 100% polyester, the range of pleating tapes is high quality, offering multiple drawing possibilities that save time in curtain production. They are very easy to pleat; just pulling the cords pleats the selected drawing of each model. Available in different designs (Pencil pleat, Hexanyl, Box pleat, Triplec, etc.), of fullness indicating the amount of fabric needed for each tape and drawing, colours (white, beige and transparent), widths, number of bags for installation in different positions and number of cords to facilitate the making up of traditional curtains. Industrias Murtra also produces pleating tapes with flame retardant treatment for Contract projects.
Industrias Murtra offers a full range of stiffening make-up tapes to give body to the head of traditional curtains, made of 100% polyester. The top quality range of armadoras or stiffening tapes offers multiple possibilities to the market with tapes without pockets for sewing inside the fabric to give body to the head and for hanging with pin hooks, with pockets at different heights and some armadoras and crimping tapes to give some drawing to the head using the pleating hook. It also offers a tape with loop for rods, to be used directly with traditional curtain rods and give a wavy effect. Stiffening tapes available in different widths and colours (white, beige and transparent) to facilitate the making up of traditional curtains and to adapt to any need. Tapes also available with flame retardant treatment for Contract projects.
Industrias Murtra offers a full range of tapes for roman blind curtains, made of 100% polyester. The complete range of high-quality Yo-Yo tapes offers the curtain maker numerous possibilities. Tapes without pockets, with pockets, with transparent rings, loops and continuous tubular horizontal tapes and “Multipocket” tapes for installing rods in the roman blinds. These Yo-Yo tapes enable automation of the roman blind curtain make up process. Available in various widths, colours (white, beige and transparent) and separation of loops or rings to make it easier to produce roman blinds to the maker’s taste. We also have options with cords to make ruffles and make a Venetian-style Pacchetto curtain.
Sabidecor Eyelet Tape
Industrias Murtra offers a complete range of tapes for traditional eyelets or rings for curtain rods of 20-30 mm and 12 mm. They are made from 100% polypropylene. The Sabidecor range of tapes is of top quality and offers an extensive range of 40 mm diameter trim rings in various colours for perfect matching with the curtain or curtain rod, giving different finish options to the producer and to the consumer’s taste. Sabidecor tape is available in various colours, white, beige and transparent. And it has nylon strips that help to give the proper shape to the curtain in installation.
Industrias Murtra offers a full range of Thermotapes. These are tapes incorporating an adhesive polymer unique to the market, allowing the tape to be used in traditional curtain- or roman blind-making and without the need to sew it. Thanks to this innovative and exclusive system from Industrias Murtra, the tape is bonded to the fabric in a “thermo fusion” process, using only an ironing machine. The Thermotape range is top quality and offers an extensive selection of double-sided thermo-adhesive tapes for curtain hems, with loops and sleeves for rods in roman blind curtains or “EasySlide” loops to improve sliding on the feed-throughs on the rod of a traditional curtain. They are also designed to avoid the making of holes during sewing of blackout fabrics, totally preventing the passage of light. They are only available in transparent or invisible colour for complete fabric camouflage.
Workroom accessories
Industrias Murtra offers a full range of accessories for tailor-making of curtains and roman blinds. A range of market-tested curtain making complements of quality that includes all the accessories necessary in any curtain workroom. Including curtain hooks (metal and nylon), hooks and eyes, rings of different sizes and designs, polyester cords in different diameters, lead-weighted tapes (compliant with REACH regulations), Fliselina ideal for body and padding and also the TAPCRO® range, a collection of fastening tapes with different special finishes, available in 17 colours designed for multiple applications and items.

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