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Professional lashing systems for loads from 800 kg up to 10 t. Made in high-tenacity PES (polyester), according to EN 12195-2. Available as one-piece (endless webbing) and two-piece web lashing with ratchet. Various types of hooks and lengths. Also available in stainless steel.

We can manufacture our products to the customer’s specifications on request, in terms of loads, lengths, customization of the label or webbing printed with name or logo.



European standards

European Standard EN 12195-2

European standard EN 12195-2 determines the characteristics of all components of any lashing system, as well as the modes for testing and use.

LC Load definition: Defines the lashing capacity. Defined in direct traction or in lashing position, using pictograms for the mode of use.

Metallic parts: Tensioners and hooks must have a minimum breaking strength of twice the system’s lashing capacity, defined in direct traction.

Textile webbing: Before the sewing operation, it must have a minimum breaking strength of three times the system’s lashing capacity, defined in direct traction.

Elongation should never exceed 7% when a load equal to the system's lashing strength is applied.

Unlike lifting slings, EN 12195-2 does not define a colour code for identifying load capacity.

Part reserved for the identification and technical data of the manufacturer. This part is below the seam area.
Pictograms with working positions and mode of use coefficients.
Safety warning.
Serial number (individual for each unit. Traceability code).
Maximum voltage.
Date of manufacture.
SHF: Standard Hand strength, the maximum force applicable by hand (fixed value of 50 daN specified in the standards). STF: Standard Tension Strength, the residual force on opening the system tensioner (value equal to 10% of the system load strength).
Maximum webbing elongation on application of the load strength in direct traction.
European standard reference.
Webbing breaking strength.
Manufacturer’s or distributor’s name or logo.
Material (webbing). NOTE: The label colour also identifies the material: Blue / Polyester - Green / Polyamide - Brown / Polypropylene.
Safety coefficient.

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