Slings with Metal Ends

Slings with metal ends (hooks, rings) for lifting and moving loads, made 100% in high-tenacity PES (polyester). Standard EN 1492-2 and EN 1677, safety factor 5:1. Each sling is supplied with Certificate of Conformity.

We can manufacture our products to the customer’s specifications on request, in terms of loads, lengths or label customization.


European standards

European Standard EN 1942, Part 1 for flat slings, Part 2 for roundslings.

The European standard EN 1942 specifies the application purchases and the technical characteristics of flat slings and roundslings, as well as the testing and approval methods. This standard conforms to the essential requirements of the Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, and its annexes and means the products included bear the “CE” mark.

CMU-WLL-SWL Definition of load strength: Defines the maximum use load in vertical traction. The use mode coefficients are defined with the aid of positioning pictograms.

The mandatory safety coefficient will be at least 7 for 100% textile slings, 5 for slings with metallic terminals. The marking (on the sewn-in label) of each sling must include an individual traceability code that enables identification at least of the material, accessories, manufacturing batch and the checks carried out.

Textile webbing: The material to be used is to be Polyester, Polypropylene or Polyamide. The colour of the tape identifies the vertical traction load strength (according to the identification colour table included in the standards).

The colour orange is always used from 10 t.

Part reserved for the identification and technical data of the manufacturer. This part is below the seam area.
Pictograms with working positions and mode of use coefficients.
Serial number (individual for each unit. Traceability code).
Maximum load in vertical position.
Date of manufacture.
European standard reference.
Manufacturer’s or distributor’s name or logo.
Material (webbing). NOTE: The label colour also identifies the material: Blue / Polyester - Green / Polyamide - Brown / Polypropylene.
Safety coefficient.
Table with date (year/month) of first use (to be filled in by the user for subsequent regular checks).

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